Rainy Dogshow in CZ CZ Floracanis Olomouc 7.9.2019:
Simon in puppy class - Very promising 1 with beautiful report again smaj
Main ring - BEST PUPPY 3 pohár
Judge: Hana Ahrens, AT
Wet as two mice but happy déšť smajlík smích

Olomouc 1Olomouc 2

Simon for the first time in Germany DE Leipzig in puppy class:

23.8.2019 - IDS, judge: Inga Siil EE
24.8.2019 - German Winner Show, judge: Dr. Ümit Özkanal TR
2 x Very Promising 1 und beautiful report - Simon is "puppy with a great future"smaj

Leipzig 1Leipzig 3

leipzig 2

17.8.2019 - IDS Bratislava SK SK Simon with 6,5 months first time in puppy class - Very Promising 1 and excellent rating. smaj
judge: Viera Vítková SK

Bratislava 1Bratislava 2

14.7.2019 - CACIB Sárvár HU HU - Simon last time in minor puppy class - Very promising 1 palec
judge: Nikolay Sedykh, RU
It was the first time with a professional handler - thank you Juraj Števiar. smaj

Sárvár 1Sárvár 2

28.6.2019 - Simi is a real water dog. He trains for waterjumping. smaj

Jump 1Jump 2

Jump 3Jump 4

22.6.2019 - INTERCANIS BRNO CZ CZ - in baby class Simon with mark Very promising 1 from judge Petr Studeník CZ. palec
It was Sim's first show on "home ground", he showed himself beautifully, grows into a handsome and sturdy boy. smajlík srdce

Intercanis2019 1Intercanis2019 2

12.6.2019 - Croatia Novigrad - Yesterday still training in the pool and today the fight against wind and waves in the open sea. smajlík pusa

swim 1swim 2

8.+9.6.2019 - Simon's first start at IDS in baby class (4 months old)
CACIB Umag HR HR  2x Very promising 1 palec
Thanks to judges for excellent rating, Simon is a "future hope". smajlík srdce

Umag 1Umag 2

1.6.2019 - Simon's first professional photoshooting in Průhonice Park. smaj

DSC 0636DSC 0709DSC 0770

DSC 0771DSC 0827DSC 0838

19.05.2019 - It is all the time cheerful at home. smajlík srdce

19 05 2019

11.05.2019 - IHA Wieselburg AT - so far only "socializing" dogshow. But many new friends already. smaj

Wieselburg 1

Wieselburg 2Wieselburg 3

04.05.2019 - First time in puppy school. palec

školička 1školička 2

20.04.2019 - Our "Simi" srdce

Simi 20 04 2019

13.04.2019 - I think the Council of Elders has already accepted our newcomer. smajl jazyk

Simi 13 04 2019Simi 13 04 2019 1

And this is how our little Simon grew
smajlík srdce

9.Woche 39.Woche 29.Woche8.Woche 2

8.Woche7.Woche 27.Woche6.Woche

6.Woche 25.Woche 25.Woche4.Woche

2.Woche 22.Woche1. Woche1.Woche 2


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