Pleasant show Saturday - meeting with nice friends and contact to new ones. smaj
29.2.2020 - IHA Graz AT AT
junior class - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB (judge: Inese Pablaka, LET)
pohár JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP 3 (judge: Dusan Travnikar, SLO)

Graz 1Graz 3

Graz 2

Graz 4

Winter Dogshow Budapest HU HU
Three days are challenging ... We are tired but satisfied. smaj
13.2.2020 - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB (judge István Orcsik, HU)
pohár BIG 3 (judge Peter Friedrich Berchtold, AT)
14.2.2020 - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB (judge Dr.Atilla Kelemen, RO)
pohár BIG - shorted selection TOP 5 (judge Augustin Ionescu, RO)
pohár JBIS - BEST JUNIOR FCI 8 (judge: Dr.Roberto Schill, RO)
15.2.2020 - Exc.1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB (judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, PL)


Budapest 1Budapest 2

Budapest 3Budapest 4

1.2.2020 - DUOCACIB Brno CZ CZ
Sunny Saturday, lots of friends and beautiful result for Simon - we just enjoyed it. smaj
junior class - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB (judge: Carina Östman, SE) 

Duocacib 2Duocacib 3

Duocacib 1


18.1.2020 - junior class - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, Slovenian junior winner (judge: Tiina Taulos, FI)
BIG - shorted selection at main ring palec (judge: Igor Selimovic, HR)
19.1.2020 - junior class - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, Slovenian junior winner (judge: Rune Ragerström, FI)
pohár BEST IN GROUP 2 (judge: Rune Ragerström, FI)

Celje 1Celje 2

Celje 3

Show season 2020 successfully launched. We are happy about good results and a beautiful rating. palec
 NDS Brno CZ CZ  11.1.2020 Simon at 11 months in junior class - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB (judge: Zdenka Jílková, CZ)


Hanácká 1Hanácká 2


Beautiful Advent dog show full of fulfilled wishes. The boy is just amazing. smajlík pusa

6.12.2019 NITRAWA CUP - Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB,BOB (judge: Mile Aleksoski, MK)
pohár JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP 3 (Robert Kanás,SK)
pohár BIG - shorted selection at main ring (Darko Drobnjak,RS)

7.12.2019 WINNER SHOW -Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB,BOB (judge:Roxana Liliana Birk,DK)
pohár BEST IN GROUP 3 (Tatjana Urek,SI)

8.12.2019 SLOVAKIA CUP -Exc.1,CAJC,JBOB,BOB (judge: Jana Janek,SK)
pohár JUNIOR BEST IN GROUP 1 !!!!! (Darko Drobnjak,RS)
pohár BEST IN GROUP 2 (Robert Kanás,SK)


Nitra 1Nitra 2Nitra 3

Nitra 4Nitra 5

Nitra 7Nitra 8

Simon srdce 10 months old - It's really a pleasure working with this boy smajlík srdce

Prague Expo Dog DUO CACIB CZ
30.11.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB - judge: Zofia Konderla, PL
01.12.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB - judge: Pavel Šulcek, CZ

Praha 1Praha 2

Praha 3


CACIB Zagreb Croatia HR
23.11.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, Crufts Qualifikation - judge: Kardos Vilmos, HU
24.11.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB, Zagreb Winner - judge: La Rocca Fabrizio, IT

smajlík pusa We just enjoy it together smajlík srdce

Zagreb 1Zagreb 2

Zagreb 3

CACIB Slovenia SLO Šempeter + Vrtojba
Simi nine months old started for the first time in junior class and immediately had a beautiful result smaj
9.11.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB - judge: Alessandro Zeppi, IT
10.11.2019 - Exc. 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB - judge: Markku Kipina, FI  palec

Vrtojba 1Vrtojba 2

Simon won the first title "Slovak puppy champion" smaj

25.-27.10 2019 DANUBE CACIB Bratislava SK SK
Judge: Svend Lovenkjaer DK, Evgeny Kuplyauskas RU, Jozef Jursa SK
Last show in puppy class - 3x Very promising 1 = three huge cups (look at the photo) smajl jazyk

Bratislava DANUBE 1Bratislava DANUBE 2

Slovenský šampion štěňat 2

Beautiful sunny Saturday, many friends from our porties family "Rei Pescador", great rating .... what else could you want? smaj
12.10.2019 IDS České Budějovice CZ CZ - in puppy class Simik got Very promising 1 from judge Mr. Miloš Kašpar and added some compliments palec

CB 1CB 2

CB 3

Today (5.10.2019) we went to Kolín CZ CZ for Club show of breeds KCHLS, of which we are a member. A nice show in the modern hall, fortunately ... it was pouring all day like a watering can.
Simon, still in puppy class, got very promising 1 and beautiful rating from judge Mrs. Lenka Němcová, CZ. Unfortunately we did not succeed in the final ring for the best puppy dog. The Barbet time has yet to mature smaj

Klubovka Kolín 1Klubovka Kolín 2

Nice weekend with many friends and beautiful dogs. smajlík srdce
28.+29.9.2019 IHA Tulln AT AT - Simi in puppy class - 2x Very promising 1 palec and as always a beautiful report smaj
Judge: Victor Lobakin, AZ; Dr. Christian Vantu, RO

Tulln 1Tulln 2

Rainy Dogshow in CZ CZ Floracanis Olomouc 7.9.2019:
Simon in puppy class - Very promising 1 with beautiful report again smaj
Main ring - BEST PUPPY 3 pohár
Judge: Hana Ahrens, AT
Wet as two mice but happy déšť smajlík smích

Olomouc 1Olomouc 2

Simon for the first time in Germany DE Leipzig in puppy class:

23.8.2019 - IDS, judge: Inga Siil EE
24.8.2019 - German Winner Show, judge: Dr. Ümit Özkanal TR
2 x Very Promising 1 und beautiful report - Simon is "puppy with a great future"smaj

Leipzig 1Leipzig 3

leipzig 2

17.8.2019 - IDS Bratislava SK SK Simon with 6,5 months first time in puppy class - Very Promising 1 and excellent rating. smaj
judge: Viera Vítková SK

Bratislava 1Bratislava 2

14.7.2019 - CACIB Sárvár HU HU - Simon last time in minor puppy class - Very promising 1 palec
judge: Nikolay Sedykh, RU
It was the first time with a professional handler - thank you Juraj Števiar. smaj

Sárvár 1Sárvár 2

28.6.2019 - Simi is a real water dog. He trains for waterjumping. smaj

Jump 1Jump 2

Jump 3Jump 4

22.6.2019 - INTERCANIS BRNO CZ CZ - in baby class Simon with mark Very promising 1 from judge Petr Studeník CZ. palec
It was Sim's first show on "home ground", he showed himself beautifully, grows into a handsome and sturdy boy. smajlík srdce

Intercanis2019 1Intercanis2019 2

12.6.2019 - Croatia Novigrad - Yesterday still training in the pool and today the fight against wind and waves in the open sea. smajlík pusa

swim 1swim 2

8.+9.6.2019 - Simon's first start at IDS in baby class (4 months old)
CACIB Umag HR HR  2x Very promising 1 palec
Thanks to judges for excellent rating, Simon is a "future hope". smajlík srdce

Umag 1Umag 2

1.6.2019 - Simon's first professional photoshooting in Průhonice Park. smaj

DSC 0636DSC 0709DSC 0770

DSC 0771DSC 0827DSC 0838

19.05.2019 - It is all the time cheerful at home. smajlík srdce

19 05 2019

11.05.2019 - IHA Wieselburg AT - so far only "socializing" dogshow. But many new friends already. smaj

Wieselburg 1

Wieselburg 2Wieselburg 3

04.05.2019 - First time in puppy school. palec

školička 1školička 2

20.04.2019 - Our "Simi" srdce

Simi 20 04 2019

13.04.2019 - I think the Council of Elders has already accepted our newcomer. smajl jazyk

Simi 13 04 2019Simi 13 04 2019 1

And this is how our little Simon grew
smajlík srdce

9.Woche 39.Woche 29.Woche8.Woche 2

8.Woche7.Woche 27.Woche6.Woche

6.Woche 25.Woche 25.Woche4.Woche

2.Woche 22.Woche1. Woche1.Woche 2


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