25.12.2023 - Those 10 years flew by like water... All this time, this furry little ball accompanied me every step of the way, shared every joy and worry with me, made my life more beautiful and action-packed... smaj
Miguel, my darling, happy 10th birthday and above all good health, may you walk by my side in life for a long time to come. srdce

HB 2023 1HB 2023 2

🎉🎄𝓜𝓮𝓻𝓻𝔂 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 🎄🎁 𝓽𝓸 𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓸𝓾𝓻 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼 srdce

Merry Christmas 2023

1.10.2023 - We wish everyone a beautiful International Black Dog Day. srdce

Hyppy national black dog day

26.9.2023 - Miguelek visiting his mother Arletka, who will soon be 13 years old.

Arletka 1Arletka 2

24.8.2023 - Greetings to all fans of Freddie and Queen from Lake Geneva in Montreux, it's beautiful here. 🙂 We are gathering strength for tomorrow's WDS.

Montreaux 2023 1Montreaux 2023 2Montreaux 2023 4

14.08.2023 - Míga enjoys summer relaxation by the water. smaj

14 08 2023 Migi

5.8.2023 - Luky celebrates his 3rd birthday today 🎉 in the beautiful spa town of Druskininkai (LT). 🥰 Of course, his inseparable friend Mígo had to assist him in the photo. 🙂

HB 2023

11.7.2023 - srdce Great warrior Miguel. heart I would like to share our experience with you. This year did not start very happily for us, on the evening of January 1, Míga had an epileptiform seizure. This was followed by a round of examinations (blood, sona, X-ray, CT, MRI...). And the result was shocking for us - brain tumor (pp. meningioma), operation very risky. A thorough oncological examination ruled out any other findings in the body, radiology was recommended. Miguelek subsequently went through 16 radiation treatments combined with light anesthesia, he tolerated everything without problems and, basically, except for those sessions at the clinic, he continued to live a normal, full-fledged life. Today, after half a year and follow-up examinations - the tumor has subsided, only a scar remains, no side effects, the patient is in excellent condition and condition. Of course, preventive checks await us in the future. We thank Mr. Dr. for the fact that Míga and I can laugh and joke again. Škor, the Vetmeduni Wien clinic team and all of you who knew and kept your fingers crossed for us. 😘 Miguel, I thank you for being such a guy and I believe that we will have many more beautiful and happy years together that we will really enjoy. FIGHTING MAKES SENSE.

Míga červenec 2023

24.6.2023 - Míga with her "first mother" (breeder) Milča at the exhibition center in Brno. ❤️

Milča Míga 2023

12.5.2023 - It took a while, but the mail from Belgium finally arrived. 👍With this 💗Mígo officially ended his show veteran career by obtaining the C.I.B.-V


29.4.2023 - Of course, Míga accompanied the boys to the exhibition in Zadar, Croatia. Together with Lukášek, they went to the dog beach there.

Zadar 2023 1Zadar 2023 2

17.4.2023 - This is how the gentlemen turned out after yesterday afternoon's event. 😄 Thank you for a great afternoon in Pesopark, a great mood was ordered, the dog walkers were in the same mood and the sun was also shining 👍 Rally-Obedience tests - Luky gave for 92b. and advanced to the RO1 category, where the next challenge awaits us. Míga doesn't have to chase anything at his age, but training his brain will benefit him (just like me 😄), so he bought RO0 for 85b., from one postponement he was picked up earlier by the sight of an approaching treat. 🍗😜

RO duben 2023 1RO duben 2023 2


25.12.2022 - Exactly 9 years ago, a being was born that turned my life upside down. (those who have Portík know what I mean 😀). And today I can't imagine life without him, he accompanies me every step of the way and is my shadow. ❤️Miguelka❤️, my darling, happy birthday and above all, good health, may our journey together be long. 😘

Mígo narozeniny 9

Merry Christmas 🎄💝

PF 2023

Our boys in Italy - 16.-18.12.2022 ENCI Winner Milano 2022
💗 Mígo (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)
veteran class: 2x Exc. 2
A great result in strong competition. 🥰 Many thanks to the judges: Cuccillato Alberto IT, Ulltveit Moe Annika SE
This exhibition was the last one this year, we thank all friends for their company and support. We look forward to see you in 2023. 😘

Milano 2022 1Milano 2022 2

Milano 2022

The first snow of the year caught us in Poland. 19.-20.11. 2022 IDS Kielce PL
Miguel in the veteran class with great results:
💗 Miguel (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)
2x Exc.1, 2x Best of Veteran, Crufts Qualification
Many thanks to the judges: Bolette Heering (DK), Czaba Zsolt Lokodi (RO). We are glad that we were able to meet a lot of old and new friends again. This makes the dog shows even more beautiful. 🙂

Kielce 2022 1Kielce 2022 2Kielce 2022 3

26.10.2022 - Nowadays it is fashionable to have your own psychologist. I present to you my - Dr. Miguel. ❤️ I have been receiving regular therapy from him for almost 9 years and I always feel wonderful with him, he makes my life more beautiful. 🙂

Miguel 2022 1Miguel 2022 2Miguel 2022 3

Miguel 2022 4Miguel 2022 5Miguel 2022 6

3.10.2022 - Goodbye IDS Tulln, goodbye dog shows in AT. Goodbye "Portuguese Schnauzer". Welcome back my beautiful FCI standard PWD. Miguelek (9 yrs), I promise I will never do this to you again. smajl jazyk

cumák 1cumák 2

30.9.-2.10.2022 - Another extended exhibition weekend, this time in Tulln, Austria AT
According to new Austrian laws enforced by animal rights activists, it was not possible to exhibit dogs with shaved muzzles. I had to let Miguelka grow out for several months for this show, so no big show ... Portuguese people look really unkempt ... we have to hold on. But that was not all, IHA Tulln 2022 was entirely in the spirit of the new regulations - prohibited races, health tests, only broad show guidelines... we already experienced something similar once in Erfurt, Germany. Let's see what direction exhibitions in Austria will take in the future...
Míga certainly exhibited in Austria for the last time and we enjoyed it:
in the veteran class we won - 3xExc.1, 3x Veteransieger, 3xBest Veteran palec
Veteran Danube Winner 2022, Veteran - Crufts Qualifikation, Bundesveteransieger palec
Miguel thus won another title: AUSTRIAN VETERAN CHAMPION pohár
And at the same time he fulfilled the conditions for the award of a new title: INTERNATIONAL VETERAN BEAUTY CHAMPION  - C.I.B.-V

Tulln 2022 1Tulln 2022 2Tulln 2022 3

16.-18.9.2022 - Extended and demanding weekend in Croatia. HR We had four exhibitions in two different places (Vukovar and Osijek) and it rained all Friday and Saturday, which is quite a problem for an outdoor exhibition ....
In the end, we managed everything and drove home with everything wet, but satisfied with the result:
Míga in the champion class: 4xV1, 4xBest veteran, 3xBOS and also BEST VETERAN IN GROUP 8 palec
in addition Crufts Qualification and
Thank you to all the judges for the beautiful reviews and also to little Julinka for helping with the presentation of Miguelek. smajlík pusa

Osijek 2022 1Osijek 2022 2Osijek 2022 3

After 5 years we returned to Luxembourg. LUX It's unbelievable how time flies... This time we were tasked with bringing home the veteran champion. And it succeeded. palec
103rd + 104th IDS Luxembourg 3-4 September 2022
Miguel in the veteran class: 2xExc.1, 2x Best dog, 2x Best veteran, 2x BOS
Thank you for the kind evaluation by the judges: Margret Möller-Sieber DE and Friedrich Berchtold AT.

Lux 2022 3Lux 2022 2

And another exhibition in Germany DE, where we went with the whole team - IDS Chemnitz 24.7.2022
Míga needed one more Exc.1 to finish the German champion and hooray, he succeeded.
We thank the judge Leoš Jančík from CZ for Exc.1, CACV, best of veteran and BOS palec

Chemnitz 2022 1Chemnitz 2022 2

We set off with Míga like in the old days, just the two of us 🥰, to DE for the IDS Offenburg on 16.7.2022. In the veteran class, Míga moved things beyond expectations and left behind even younger rivals. 😃 He was: BOV, BOB and Alpen-Veteransieger. We missed the main ring, we had almost a 6 hour drive to Prague. Many thanks to the judge Dr. Wilfried Peper for the beautiful rating and award. And thanks to you, Mígo, for being who you are. ❤️ With you, one is never bored. 🤣

Offenburg 2022 1Offenburg 2022 3

Really very beautiful show in a beautiful city in Romania RO - Arad Dog Show 8.-10.7.2022 RO
Miguel in the veteran class - 2x Exc. 1, 2x BEST VETERAN, 2x BEST OF BREED
Many thanks to all judges for beautiful ratings - Herbert Klemann DE and Dušan Paunovič SRB
A wonderful city, a pleasant exhibition, nice people, ideal weather, we would love to come back again. 👍

Arad 2022 1Arad 2022 2

Wet weekend in Bled (SLO) 28.-29.5.2022 CACIB Bled I + Crufts + CACIB Bled II (judge Alenka Pokorn Slo, Darko Korošec Slo
❤️ Miguel (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador) 🏆 NEW SLOVENIAN VETERAN CHAMPION 🏆
2x Exc. 1, 2x BEST OF VETERAN, Crufts qualification

Bled 1Bled 2

Bled 3Bled 4

21.5.2022 - today our veteran Migi went for a run on a dog racing track.

Dog racing 1Dog racing 2

8.5.2022 - IDS Erfurt DE 
And this weekend to jump to Germany.
Exc. 1, Best of veteran, thanks to judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel from DE for a beautiful rating.

Erfurt 2022

logo EDS 2022


One of this year's big events took place in Paris. Miguel had the biggest competition I've ever experienced in the veteran class.
22.4.2022 - Championnat de France - Exc. 1 - judge Homem de Mello Jose, PT
23.4.2022 EDS Paris - Exc. - judge Yannick Musereau, FR

EDS Paris

Another three successful days, this time in Nitra, Slovakia, where we really like exhibitions.
Migi ❤️ (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)
Veteran class - Exc. 1, BOV, BOB, Slovak veteran Trophy winner,
Judge: Esdös Lázsló z HU
Veteran class - 2x Exc. 1, 2x BOV, Slovak veteran winner
Judge: Jozef Jursa SK, Ludmila Fintorová SK
* on Saturday Mígo gave ashorted selection at main ring for the best veteran 🏆
* Miguel added on sunday BEST IN SHOW VETERAN 3 🏆
and completed the whole SLOVAK VETERAN CHAMPION !!

Nitra 2022 2Nitra 2022 3

Nitra 2022 1

Three challenging days in Budapest - FeHoVa Winter Dog Show 17.-19.2.2022 

❤️ Miguel at veteran class - 3x Exc.1, 1x BOS, 3x Best of veteran
 Thank to all judges: Dr. Zsuzsanna Balogh HU, Dr. Roberto Schill RO, Erdös László HU

Budapest2022 1Budapest2022 2

5.-6.2.2022 - DUO CACIB Brno CZ
Miguel - veteran class - 2x Exc. 1, 2x Best of veteran (judge Zdeňka Jílková CZ, Dr. Tamás Jakkel HU)
As always, a big exhibition with a strong participation of Porties, a lot of friends and acquaintances, just a great weekend. And Míga has fulfilled it in the Czech Republic.
Unfortunately, the show is again due to the covid without final competitions for veterans.

Duocacib 2Duocacib 3

8.1.2022 - My black team at NDS Brno CZ
❤ Migi 
veteran class - Exc.1, Best of veteran
Big thanks to the judge Renata Cepková for beautiful rating.
Show without main ring for puppy and veteran.

NDS Brno 2022


logo EDS 2021

30.12.2021 - We ended the show season 2021 in Hungary: EUROPEAN DOG SHOW 2021 BUDAPEST HU

❤ Miguel performed for the first time in the veteran class.
veteran class - Exc.2, r.CAC (judge Barbara Müller CH)

EDS 2021 1EDS 2021 2EDS 2021 3

25.12.2021 - The most beautiful Christmas present was brought to us by Santa 8 years ago
Miguelku, happy birthday, especially good health, love and let us be together for many years to come. 💕
Stay the right nerdy and laughing Portie.

Happy Birthday 2021

18.12.2021 - Miguel will soon be a veteran, but he is still in good condition.smaj

Miguel 18 12 2021

16.10.2021 - My men in black 💗 Miguel 💗 Samuel 💗 Lukas 💗
I feel like it's slowly growing over Miga's head 😂🤣


And the breeder, our friend Milena Hlavicová, came to Brno to support us. Milena and Miguelek look great. smajlík pusa

s Milčou

14.8.2021 - DUO CACIB Brno CZ
honour class - Exc.1, winner of honour class, judge Lenka Frnčová
After a very long time, Míga and I returned to the show ring. We took it as preparation for the veteran class, which awaits us at the end of the year, when Miguel will be 8 years old.
And we enjoyed it as when young. smaj

Duo cacib 2021 1Duo cacib 2021 2

5.7.2021 - Miguel 7,5 years old.  
It's a big job, but a Portie in a classic cut is a real beauty. smajlík srdce
Grooming: Panagenics and me, finishing the breeze smajl jazyk

Migi 5 7 2021

11.4.2021 - Miguel started this year's bathing season. smajl jazyk

11 04 2021

4.1.2021 - And here is Migi with his whole dog family.smajlík srdce

04 01 2021 104 01 2021 2

25.12.2020 - Miguel, all the best for today's 7th birthday. srdce And don't lose that vitality of your life.

25 01 2020 125 01 2020 2

25.10.2020 - Simply the joy of life. smajlík srdce

25 10 2020 125 10 2020 2

17.10.2020 - On tour in his territory.

17 10 2020

4.10.2020 - Miguel shows his new friend how to climb the lake most comfortably. Fortunately, we don't keep fish there. smaj I think they will understand.

04 10 2020 104 10 2020 2

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, we went to see Moravia in Mlýnky near Strážnice, where the annual meeting of Portuguese Water Dogs took place. We haven't met as much as this year. Wherever one looked, only Portík everywhere. smajlík srdce Seeing all the friends and especially our "Reipescador family" again after a long time was just great. We are already looking forward to another joint event.

Sraz 2020 1

Sraz 2020 2Sraz 2020 3Sraz 2020 4

And after our show career we threw ourselves even more into sports. We will go to train obedience (we are preparing for next exam), we will run agility and we tried coursing.
Migi, as a proper mother's addict, did not run his tongue in the first round without me smajl jazyk, but in the next he unwrapped it nicely.

CoursingM 1

CoursingM 2CoursingM 3

Miguel srdce (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador) srdce

Foto 014

22.6.2019 - INTERCANIS BRNO CZ CZ - we entered in honour class with nice rating from judge Petr Studeník and mark Excellent 1, Winner of honour class palec
It was Miguel's last show for a long time and the holidays will be really deserved. When I look back at what our boy has achieved, I'm really very proud of him. smajlík srdce
And if we do well, then in veteran class again. smajlík pusa

Intercanis2019 1Intercanis2019 2

2.5.2019 - Miguel srdce successfully passed "ZOP" obedience test yesterday.
Thanks to all friends for a nice day. smaj

ZOP 2019

We are proud of Miguel's x Hera son Camillo. 
Saturday 30.3.2019 IHA Salzburg AT AT, junior class: Exc. 1, best junior, Alpine junior winner palec
Judge: Drobnjak Darko, SRB
Thank and congratulations to owner Doris Pirker and breeder Andrea Feichtinger.
Camillo is a sweet chocolate teddy bear. smajlík srdce

Camillo Salzburg 1Camillo Salzburg 2Camillo Alpensieger

25.2.2019 - We received nice news today smaj
Miguel srdce = AUSTRIAN SHOW WINNER 2018 pohár

Miguel AT SWAustrian show winner 2018

15.1.2019 - The postman has delivered nice letter from Germany today smaj
Miguel srdce = VDH Jahressieger 2018 pohár (Winner of the year 2018)

Miguel VDH JSVDH Jahressieger 2018

And the new exhibition season 2019 began ....
A wonderful Saturday with Rei Pescador's family. smajlík pusa

Hanácká NDS Brno CZ CZ 12.1.2019
Miguel in honour class:
pohár Winner of honour class (judge L. Fintorová SK)
pohár 5th place in the main ring (judge F.Polehňa CZ) palec

Hanácká 2019 1Hanácká 2019 2

Hanácká 2019 3

16.12.2018 Our wishes came true. smaj Today Miguel passed the tests for Canistherapy successfully. palec

CanisterapeutCertifikát canisterapie

We are proud parents !!! smajlík srdce
"Camillo von Steirabluat" 6 months (Miguel + Hera) at his first show made a good job: Very promising 1 palec
AT IHA WELS 8.12.2018, Judge: Günter Wonisch

Camillo Wels 1Camillo Wels 2



When we went to our first show with Miguel, he was almost three years old. Crazy idea.... Today after two years I do not regret. We have a lot of new experiences, new friends, and we have achieved goals that we have not even dreamed of. Many thanks to all who supported us, to Milena Hlavicová smajlík pusa for the most nice portie in the sun and to you, Miguel, always standing by my side and making my life more beautiful. srdce

letáček champ

Miguel FB

Many thanks to all who supported us this year. smajlík pusa We finished show year 2018 with the special title:
(Alpinewinner Austria + Switzerland + Germany)
NDS Karlsruhe 10.11.2018: Exc.1, VDH, CAC, Winner Karlsruhe (judge: Liliane de Ridder-Onghena, B)
IDS Karlsruhe 11.11.2018: Exc.1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, Winner Baden-Württemberg, Alpensieger palec (judge: Tamas Jakkel, H)
Thanks Juraj Števiar for handling palec
Thanks Milena Hlavicová for Miguel srdce

Karlsruhe 2018 1Karlsruhe 2018 3

Karlsruhe 2018 2

netopýrReally magic weekend  dýně

Miguel srdce is RO NEW GRANDCHAMPION OF ROMANIA (cum laudae) 

CAC 27.10.2018 - Exc.1, CAC, BOB 
judge: Augustin Ionescu RO
CACIB 27.10.2018 - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 
BEST OF GROUP 2  pohár again
judge: Kristina Tar UK
CACIB 28.10.2018 - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 
BEST OF GROUP 2  pohár once more
judge: Giulio Bezzechi IT

Oradea 2Oradea 3

Oradea 4Oradea 1Oradea 5

Saturday 20.10.2018 - beautiful sunny day spent in a wonderful place with a bunch of sympathic people and a lot of Porties, what more can you want ... smaj It was a meeting of parents (Hera and Miguel) and their children, who are already 4.5 months old and of course their new owners and it was extraordinary. It is a great pleasure to see our babies grow into beauty and strength and how they are loved by their owners - many thanks to them. smajlík pusa  Some of the owners have the intention to taste the show ring atmosphere - good luck to them and see you again at IHA Wels in December. palec

sraz C

Sunday 14.10.2018 - Today we had a visit from the son of our Migi and Sunny and his new family. They choosed a beautiful name for him and call him "Leonardo" (the also beautiful official name is "AMADEO VALENTE Estrela de Aqua"). Leonek is just 3 month old, he is a beautiful and self-confident guy with a good dose of energy, typical for a right PWD. smaj He lives with his family in Vienna, so we will hopefully see him often and perhaps also at shows. smajlík pusa We thank his new family for the love and care they give him.

Leonek 3m 1Leonek 3m 2

We finished our holiday at AUTUMN DOG SHOW 2018 (BiH) with honour:

6.10.2018 CACIB Tuzla BiH - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Rade Dakič, SRB)
BEST OF GROUP 2 FCI 8 pohár pohár
7.10.2018 CAC Gradačac BiH - Exc. 1, CAC, BOB (Judge: Nebojša Švraka, SRB)
7.10.2018 CACIB Gradačac BiH - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Ivan Vasiljevič, SRB)

Bosna 1Bosna 2

We srdce Montenegro - pleasant climate, beautiful nature, nice people, excellent food - ideal holiday together with some work smaj
29.9.2018 CACIB Nikšič 1 MNE - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Vojislav Brajovič, MNE)
30.9.2018 CACIB Nikšic 2 MNE - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Petar Mišič, SRB)

Montenegro 1Montenegro 2

Montenegro 3Montenegro 5Montenegro 4

We are so happyyyy smaj very good result in Slovenia
Our Miguel is new SLO SLOVENIAN CHAMPION pohár

15.9.2018 CACIB Lendava I SLO - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Milorad Nikič, SRB)
16.9.2018 CACIB Lendva II SLO - Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Marija Kavčič, SI)
BEST IN GROUP 1 FCI 8 pohár pohár (Judge: Günter Wonisch, AT)
Really nice weekend palec

Lendava 1Lendava 2

Lendava 4Lendava 3Lendava 5

Funny weekend in DE - nice town Bremen, new friends and new title, Miguel is
DE ️VDH-Jahressieger 2018 (Winner of the year 2018) palec
IDS Bremen 1.9.2018: Exc.1,VDH,CAC,CACIB,BOS  (Judge: Hans-Erhard Grüttner, DE)
NDS Bremen 2.9.2018: Exc.1,VDH,CAC,BOS  (Judge: Nenad Marič, SRB)

Bremen 5Bremen 6

Bremen 2Bremen 3Bremen 4

I love going to dog shows in Germany. They have their unmistakable level, everything is always well-organized, spacious, clean ... and this year's German Winner Show in Leipzig was not different. It's a joy to exhibit there, and yet to do so. smaj
26.8.2018 - German Winner Show Leipzig DE - Exc.1, VDH, CAC, CACIB, BOB (Judge: Guido Schäfer, DE)
shorted selection at main ring of the FCI 8 (Judge: Ligita Zake, LV)
And Miguel is a real man, expanding his collection of titles:
GERMAN WINNER 2018 palec

Leipzig 1

Leipzig 2Leipzig 3

We had a few nice days in the mountains of Tyrol and also finished the Austrian career-job with the new title ️

18.8.2018 - IHA Innsbruck - Exc.1, CACA, r.CACIB (Judge: Günter Wonisch, AT)
19.8.2018 - IHA Innsbruck - Exc.1, CACA, r.CACIB (Judge: Peter Machetanz, DE)

Innsbruck 1Innsbruck 4

Innsbruck 2Innsbruck 3

Today (August 16, 2018) I was visiting our little fighter Leonard in Slovakia, tomorrow he will be just 5 weeks. He is the son of our Mig, who was born as the only child of our bride Sunny (Bella Espirito de Aqua). His coming to the world was not really easy and he had to fight hard. He is a beautiful and strong boy and makes us very happy. smajlík srdce

Leo 1

Leo 3Leo 2

Our team of "Rei Pescador" together made the journey to the biggest Dog Show of 2018, WDS (WORLD DOG SHOW) in Amsterdam NL. We did not only enjoy three demanding exhibition days, but we also came home with a lot of experiences from visiting Amsterdam and its beautiful surroundings. At the World Dog Show 2018, a total of 51 Portuguese water dogs from the most renowned breeding stations were in competition and there was really something to watch. The atmosphere was traditional full of "fighting spirit" but especially friendly and we really enjoyed the event.
Our Miguel has successfully represented the kennel "Rei Pescador", he has performed very well and had beautiful results: smaj
9.8.2018 Benelus Winner - open class - Excellent 2
10.8.2018 Specialties - champion class - Excellent 3
11.8.2018 WDS - champion class - Excellent

Amsterdam 1Amsterdam 4

Amsterdam 5

Amsterdam 3Amsterdam 2

We were really happy 2017. At the Club Show in Náměšť na Hané (28.7.2018), the competition of our club (KCHLS, section Water Dogs, Spaniels and Kooikerhondje) Miguel was:
pohár "The most beautiful PWD 2017"
pohár "Club winner 2017"

best PWD fotohlava profil

Our babies (from Hera & Miguel) had 7 weeks on Thursday (26.7.2018), beautiful boys and girls grew up. smajlík srdce  Soon they will go to new homes, so we went to visit Graz in Austria for the last time. We have to thank for the exemplary and loving care of their mother Hera and the breeder Andrea, they did a great job. So, kids, a beautiful, long and happy life !!  smajlík pusa We will see each other at the annual meeting of litter "C", good-bye. palec

Camillo 2 1Captain 2 1Clementine 2 1

Caspar 1Cerberus 2 1

Cleopatra 2 1Columbus 2 1Cosmo 1 1

Charly 2 1Chilly 2 1

Really very hot Sunday at the IDS in Polish Konopiska (CACIB Czestochova). The job is done and we come home with the new title "Champion of Poland" pohár
Sunday 22.7.2018 - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Linda Voláriková, SK

Konopiska 1Konopiska 2

Today (June 28,2018) we went to Graz (Austria) to visit the babies of Miguel. The proud mother Hera presented them well. All ten are beautiful, three weeks old puppies, and everyone has his own personality. smajlík pusa It was hard for me to leave ... but soon we will come again. smajlík srdce For beautiful pictures I thank my breeder Milena (Rei Pescador). 

mimi3 1mimi3 2mimi3 3

mimi3 4mimi3 5mimi3 6

mimi3 7mimi3 8mimi3 9

Miguel srdce is new "SWISS DOG SHOW CHAMPION" pohár

23. + 24.6.2018 2x IDS,1x NDS Aarau ️CH CH: 3xExc.1, 3xCAC. r.CACIB
Judges: Philip John (IN), Natasa Davidovic (RS), Dusko Piljevic (RS)

Many thank to all our friends for a nice and pleasant atmosphere. smaj

Aarau 1Aarau 2

NDS Erfurt ️DE DE 
16.6.2018 Exc.1, VDH, CAC, BOB smaj
Judge: Erwin Deutscher, AT
Shorted selection at main ring palec
Judge: Marko Lepasaar, EST

IDS Erfurt️ DE DE
17.6.2018 Exc.1, VDH, r. CACIB smaj
Judge: Marko Lepasaar, EST

I thank all my friends for a nice company. smajlík srdce

Erfurt 2 2018Erfurt 1 2018

Hot but beautiful weekend at Wörthersee. slunce kytka
IHA Klagenfurt AT Austria
Saturday 9.6.2018  Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOS smaj
Judge: Francesco Cochetti, IT

Sunday 10.6.2018 Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Natasa Davidovic, SRB
BEST IN GROUP 3 !!! pohárpohár
Judge: Hans Steiner, AT

Klagenfurt2018 1
Klagenfurt2018 2Klagenfurt2018 3

Today (June 8, 2018) we received the next fantastic news. Sono confirmed that Miguel is waiting for puppies with his Slovak bride Sunny. Birth is expected in July and we look forward to the babies. smajlík srdce

Mig a Sunny

Sono Sunny

Yahoo, on Thursday June 7, 2018 our Miguel became a proud father of ten beautiful puppies 

for the first time. Mum Hera gave birth to 6 strong boys (4 brown and 2 black) and 4 sweet girls (2 brown and 2 black). We are very happy that they all are healthy. All puppies already have their new families. I'm looking forward to cuddle them. smajlík srdce

Hera mimi 2Hera mimi 1

Dogshow Italian style - our new experience. smajl jazyk

IDS San Marino RSM  RSM - champion class

25.5.2018 Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB smaj
Judge: Erwin Deutscher, AT

27.5.2018 Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB smaj
Judge: Marshak Avraham, ISR

Hello to FB friends I could meet there pesonally.

San Marino 1san Marino 2

It was nice to meet friends again in Dortmund, after half a year. smaj
Miguel srdce made me very happy. 

VDH-Europasieger-Ausstellung 2018 Dortmund DE DE
Saturday 12.5.2018 - Exc.1, VDH, CACIB, BOB smaj
palec EUROPASIEGER 2018 pohár
Judge: Guido Schäfer, DE

VDH-International-Ausstellung 2018 Dortmund DE DE
Sunday 13.5.2018 - Exc.1, VDH, r.CACIB smaj
Judge: Hans Wiblishauer, DE

Dortmund2018 1
Dortmund2018 2Dortmund2018 3

Today (May 8, 2018) we received a really beautiful message. Sono confirmed that Miguel and his bride from Graz Hera (Chiuvana Tem Brio) expect a puppy birth in June. We are looking forward. smajlík srdce

Miguel a Hera

Sono Hera 1Sono Hera 2Sono Hera 3

Great weekend - nice location, nice weather, nice results smaj
Miguel srdce is

Satu Mare RO RO
21.4.2018 NDS: Exc.1, CAC, BOB 
Judge: Daniela Radu, RO

21.4.2018 IDS: Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Roxana Opris, RO

22.4.2018 IDS: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
shorted selection at main ring / best 4 pohár
Judge: Grzegorz Weron, PL

Satu Mare 1Satu Mare 2
Satu Mare 3Satu Mare 4

On Sunday April 8 2018 we went to the International Dog Show in nearby Chemnitz in Germany. It was a beautiful sunny and successful day palec


IDS Chemnitz DE DE Miguel in champion class:
Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Guido Schäfer, DE

Chemnitz 1Chemnitz 2Chemnitz 3

Miguel srdce (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)

IDS Bogatic 24.3.2018 SRB SRB:
Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Zika Mitrovic, SRB

NDS Sremska Mitrovica 25.3.2018 SRB SRB:
Exc.1, CAC, BOB smaj
Judge: Mirjana Stojmirovic, SRB
Serbia 1Serbia 2

Crufts logo

In 2017, Miguel qualified for Crufts 2018 several times, so we decided to realize a little dream and visit the most prestigious European exhibition in Birmingham, England. We went the first time, so it was all new and complicated for us, from a completely different registration system compared with the exhibitions in the FCI member countries to the organization of a rather long and challenging journey. But we all managed well and Miguel could present himself on the first day of the show on 8 March 2018 with the other beautiful porties (64 PWDs registered) on the carpets in famous National Exhibition Center Birmingham. smaj Although Migi could not win in this really difficult competition of world champions, he represented the kennel Rei Pescador with honour. smajlík srdce
All together, Birmingham was a great experience with lot of new friendships and contacts and we feel proud that we were allowed to participate in this event. palec

Crufts 2Crufts 3Crufts 1
Crufts 4

Miguel srdce is
and also

Very happy Saturday at IHA Graz 3.3.2018 AT AT:
in champion class: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Attila Czegledi, H

Graz18 1Graz18 2

We received great news today palec  

Miguel srdce obtained title: AUSTRIAN SHOW WINNER 2017 pohár smajlík srdce
(best PWD at shows in Austria AT )

Austrian show winner 2017


NDS 13.1.2018 Brno CZ Miguel srdce ️in champion class:
Exc.1, CAC, National Winner, BOB smaj
Judge: Günter Wonisch AT

BEST IN GROUP 4 pohár palec Judge: Hana Ahrens AT

Pleasant day spent with friends and beautiful dogs. smajlík srdce smajlík pusa
Many thanks to the judges and our team smaj Milena Hlavicová (breeder+photos) palec Juraj Števiar (handling) palec

Brno hanacka 2018 2Brno Hanacka 2018 1

Miguel won the OPEN SLOVAKIA DOG CUP award for 2017 as the best Portuguese water dog and ranked 9th in the whole FCI 8 !! pohár pohár Boy, we are proud of you smajlík pusa
slovakiadogcup 2
slovakiadogcup 1


Yesterday's show in Karlsruhe️ DE DE (03.12.2017) finished this year's exhibition season with good results: Miguel in champion class: Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB, r.VDHch (judge Peter Machetanz,DE)

Miguel srdce was successful during the hole season 2017: 21xBOB, 4xBIG5, SK CH, SK GCH, LUX CH, HU CH, HR CH. smajlík pusa palec

Thanks for support to all my friends, I look forward to meat everybody in the next show year !!! smaj



srdce Miguel srdce in champion class:

Saturday 25.11.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS 🙂 Crufts Qualification
Judge: Myrna Shiboleth, ISR

Sunday 26.11.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 🙂 Zagreb Winner
Judge: Dario Miloševič, HR

Thanks Migi smajlík pusasmajlík srdcesmajlík pusa

Zagreb 1Zagreb 2

Total 82 PDWs entries !!!
Wish has become a reality smajlík srdce
srdce Miguel srdce (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)

pohár EXCELLENT 3 / 15 in the hardest champion class pohár sekt
Judge: Jose Luis Payro (MEX)

Thank you Milena Hlavicová for photo and especially for so perfect dog smajlík srdce smajlík pusa smajlík srdce
Thank you Juraj Števiar for excellent handling palec smajlík pusa palec

Leipzig WDS 1Leipzig WDS 2


IDS 3x CACIB Komárom HU Hungary in champion class
Friday 20.10.2017: Exc.1/2,CAC,CACIB
Judge: Denis Kuzelj, BUL
Saturday 21.10.2017: Exc.1/2,CAC,CACIB, Crufts Qualification 
Judge: Tamas Jakkel, HU
Sunday 22.10.2017: Exc.1/2,CAC,CACIB,BOB smaj 
Judge: Theo Leenen, BE

Many thank to our team : Milena Hlavicová (breeder+photos) palec👍, Juraj Števiar (handling) palec

Komarom 1Komarom 2

Champion title is at home  
srdce Miguel srdce

champ lux 001


Wet and muddy, but happy 🌧️☔🙂
Miguel  ❤️  in champion class:

Saturday 16.9.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Bojan Deberšek, SLO

Sunday 17.9.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB smaj
Judge: Marijan Čižmešija, HR

Slovenj Gradec 1Slovenj Gradec 2


95. IDS Luxembourg ️LUX  2.9.2017
Miguel  ❤️  champion class: Exc. 1/3, CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Horst Kliebenstein, DE

Many thanks to the team: Milena Hlavicová (breeder+photos) 👍👍👍, Juraj Števiar (handling) 👍👍👍

Luxembourg 1
Luxembourg 2

IDS Bratislava SK SK ️"Handling in the Rain" was a good success:
Miguel  ❤️  in champion class

Saturday 19.8.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 😊
Judge: Miroslav Stanovský, SK
Miguel fulfilled the conditions for GRAND CHAMPION SK 🏆

Sunday 20.8.2017: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB
Judge: Duško Šormaz, RS
Thanks to our team: Milena Hlavicová (Photos), Juraj Števiar (Handling) 😊

Bratislava 3Bratislava 4
Bratislava 5Grand champion SK

First success in Switzerland ️ CH  at IHA Kreuzlingen:
Miguel  ❤️  in champion class:

Saturday 5.8.2017 Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB 😊
next "Alpensieger" and "Crufts Qualifikation" 
Thanks for excellent rating to judge Mr. Knut Sigurd Wilberg (NO)

Afterwards two nice days at Lake Constance with visit of Mainau Island, a lot of flowers. 😍🌸🌺🏵️

Kreuzlingen Kreuzlingen 1

Double CACIB for Austrian-Hungarian winner
Miguel ❤️ in champion class:

IDS Oberwart  AT  Saturday15.7.2017: Exc.1,CACA,CACIB,BOB Judge: Maria-Luise Doppelreiter, A
BEST IN GROUP 5 🏆 Judge: Natasa Blanusa, HR

IDS Szombathely HU Sunday 16.7.2017:
Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,BOB Judge: dr. Tesics György, HU
"Savaria Winner" = Austrian-Hungarian winner 🙂

Oberwart 1Oberwart 2

NDS Meisdorf Germany 1.7.2017 
vlajka de??️ - "Wet outdoor competition" in Meisdorf castle. ?
Miguel ❤️
Exc.1, CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, BOB medaile?
Many thanks for excellent rating judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (DE)

Meisdorf 1

Meisdorf 2

IDS INTERCANIS BRNO 24.6.2017 ??️ - we had a really successful and nice day today ?
My Portuguese boy Miguel ❤️ in champion class:
Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - Judge: Řehánek Petr, CZ
BEST IN GROUP 5 ? - Judge: Ahrens Hana, AT

Many thanks to our perfect team: Handling Juraj Števiar, Photos Milena Hlavicová ?

Intercanis 1

Intercanis 2

On Saturday, June 17, 2017, we went with Miguel to look for friends at the Water Dogs Meeting in the beautiful nature of Mlýnky near Strážnice in Moravia. It was an amazing day. 
 So many Porties on one place you will not often see. And everyone was simply magnificent. 

Sraz PVP

IDS Klagenfurt Austria ??️- I really love the new "Alpensieger" ? Miguel ❤️
Results in champion class:
Saturday 10.6.2017 - Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB 
second Crufts Qualifikation
Judge: Tomasic Mateja, SLO

Sunday 11.6.2017 - Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Doppelreiter Maria-Luise, A
Judge BIG: Heikkinen-Lehkonen Paula, FIN

Klagenfurt 1
Klagenfurt 2Klagenfurt 3

Hot weekend at IDS DOG EXPO Nitra (SK) 2017 with beautiful results of my boy Miguel <3 in champion class:
Friday 2.6.2017 - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB :-)
Judge: Frnčová Lenka, CZ
Saturday 3.6.2017 - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Taulos Tiina, FI
Sunday 4.6.2017 - Exc.2, r.CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Ridarčíková Gabriela, SK

Many thanks to the team: Handling Juraj Števiar, Photos Milena Hlavicová :-)

Nitra 1Nitra 2

Nitra 3

Club Show 27.5.2017 (for spaniels and water dogs) at Chateau Náměšť na Hané. Perfect weather, plenty of beautiful dogs, a lot of friends and a big "Rei Pescador" family meeting - great day! And the results? Miguel - champion class - Exc.2, r.CAC (Judge: Janka Janeková, SK).
Thanks for photos Milena Hlavicová, for handling Juraj Števiar. Boys, you are the best! 

Náměšť 1Náměšť 2

IHA Wieselburg Austria - Miguel makes me happy again <3 :-)

Saturday 20.05.2017 - Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB! :-)
Judge: Günter Wonisch, A

Wieselburg 1Wieselburg 2

We had a very nice long weekend at GRAND PRIX SHOW BUDAPEST:
Miguel <3 (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)

Saturday 29.04.2017 - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Maria Luise Doppelreiter, A

Sunday 30.04.2017 - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shorted selection at main ring :-)
Judge: Kardos Vilmos, HU
Judge group: Grzegorz Weron, PL

Monday 1.5.2017 - Exc.1, CAC, r.CACIB
Judge: Grzegorz Weron, PL

Thank you for handling Juraj Števiar (y)


Saturday, April 22, 2017 at IDS in České Budějovice. Weather was not the best, but everybody was happy to meet again the usual group of dog-lovers.  Miguel had a good rating from judge Pavel Šulcek CZ, Exc.1, CAC. 

CB 1CB 2

We had a really wonderful Saturday 15.4.2017 at Prague Expo Dog - meeting with the family "Rei Pescador" and another successful exhibition result for Miguel: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Zdenka Jílková, CZ
Many thanks to the winning team (Handling: Juraj Števiar, Photos: Milena Hlavicová)

prahaPraha 1

Praha 2

Successful Saturday 8.4. at IHA Salzburg 2017 AT - a pleasant meeting with friends, an excellent rating from judge Tamás Jakkel HU (thank you), result: Exc.1, CACA, r.CACIB. 


Miguel is the right partner in every situation, after a busy weekend he did a very good job in obedience. 


We enjoyed show weekend at DANUBE DUO CACIB Bratislava.




Saturday 1.4.2017 Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Zdenka Jílková CZ
New Slovak champion :-)

Sunday 2.4.2017 Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Judge: Miloš Kašpar CZ

Thank you for the excellent handling Juraj Števiar(y)
Thank you for support, beautiful photos and especially for the best friend Milena Hlavicová<3

Bratislava 1Bratislava 2

Slovenský šampion krásy 2
We had a great weekend at IDS Graz (Austria). I'm really proud of my boy. 

Saturday 4.3.2017 IHA Graz: Exc.1, CACA, CACIB, BOB
Judge: Maria Hutsteiner, AT

Sunday 5.3.2017 CACA ÖKV betr.Rassen Graz: Exc.1, CACA, BOB
Judge: Ferdinando Asnaghi, IT


Start of new website about PWD Miguel (Achiram All My Heart Rei Pescador)

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